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True, no one has ever seen God as he is. And yet God is not totally invisible to us; he does not remain completely inaccessible. God loved us first, says the Letter of John quoted above (cf. 4:10), and this love of God has appeared in our midst. He has become visible in as much as he “has sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him” (1 Jn 4:9). God has made himself visible: in Jesus we are able to see the Father (cf. Jn 14:9).

Benedict XVI. (2005). Deus Caritas Est, #17

Preparing for jousting at the Maryland Renaissance Festival (at Maryland Renaissance Festival)

Preparing for jousting at the Maryland Renaissance Festival (at Maryland Renaissance Festival)

Truth: Do We Even Care About It Anymore?

God as a "Process Engineer"

Reflection on Violence by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

A copy of the reflection written by Pope Benedict for August 18. The subject is violence. He reminds us, “Violence is contrary to the truth of our Faith.”

Do not use violence in your struggle. Violence is not a sign of strength, only of weakness. He who cannot win the heart or the mind seeks his victory through violence. Each act of violence is vivid proof of moral incompetence. The most excellent, enduring battle known to Man, known to history, is the battle of ideas. The most pitiful and insignificant battles are the violent ones. An idea which requires weapons to defend it will die on its own account. An idea which can only live by violent means is a perversion. An idea which is capable of life conquers on its own account. Such an idea will find millions of spontaneous followers.

Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko on December 26th, 1982.

#sunet during son’s #soccer practice  (at 5th Avenue Field)

#sunet during son’s #soccer practice (at 5th Avenue Field)

The mystery of the most Holy Eucharist which Christ, the High Priest instituted, and which He commands to be continually renewed in the Church by His ministers, is the culmination and centre, as it were, of the Christian religion.

Pope Pius XII, Mediator Dei, #66

The Order of Preachers (Ordo Predicatorum), as Dominic called his community, followed the rule of the Augustinian canons. Their dedication to combating heresy drew them to the intellectual life, and their zeal, symbolized in the stark contrast of their black and white habits, inspired a pun on their name—“Domini canes” (“dogs of the Lord”).

James Hitchcock, History of the Catholic Church

Dominic was remarkable for the intensity of his zeal for souls and for his dedication to prayer, for his fearlessness, and for his friendliness

Gerald de Frachet, OP, Vitae Fratrum Ordints Praedicatorum

In the entire number of those divine records which are contained in the sacred writings, the gospel deservedly stands pre-eminent. For what the law and the prophets aforetime announced as destined to come to pass, is exhibited in the gospel in its realization and fulfillment.

Augustine of Hippo, The Harmony of the Gospels.

Isn’t that the #truth?  #morganfreeman #LOL

Isn’t that the #truth? #morganfreeman #LOL