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A river running through the forrest!

A river running through the forrest!

I sometimes have the impression that there is a temptation today to set up beside the pastoral approach of faith, or even against it, a pastoral approach based on one’s own cleverness, an approach that no longer actually trusts in faith’s ability to call men together today. Because this approach no longer believes that faith can actually affect anything, it has, so to say, to outwit God and men with its cleverness and to build something on its own account. How can that stand the test? It may perhaps seem simpler to begin with. But it remains our own work and still has the weaknesses of what is ours.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, God is Near Us

Synod's Working Document and Why I Can't "Relax"

There are far too many people who are just content to relax over the Synod of Bishop’s “working document.” In this post, I explain why I am not one of them.

Sunrise in my neighborhood. #Instagram

Sunrise in my neighborhood. #Instagram

If Pope Francis likes to debate "conservatives," what is he?

Time to interpret another Pope Francis interview. This time we must wonder: if the Pope likes debating conservatives, how does he see himself?

Just as God’s will is creation and is called “the world,” so his intention is the salvation of men, and it is called “the Church.”

Clement of Alexandria, Paedagogus 1,6,27

God is the author of salvation; free will is merely receptive thereof; none can grant it save God alone, nothing can receive it save the free will. Thus then salvation is given by God alone, and it is given only to the free will; even as it cannot be wrought without the consent of the receiver, so cannot it be wrought without the grace of the giver.

St Bernard of Clairvaux, Concerning Grace and Free Will

Disobedience to God means hiding from his loving countenance and seeking to control one’s life and action in the world.

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 27

What does "dialogue" accomplish?

What is the purpose of inter religious dialogue? Is it to foster understanding? To create bonds of affection? To convert sinners? None of the above?